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look For造句

look for造句i am looking for my dog 我正在寻找我的狗,look for 强调动作,在找

look for 造句加汉语意思I don'tlook formuch profit from the business. 我并不期待生意上有多大的收获。

用英语单词look for 造句They are looking for the lost boy.他们在寻找那个丢了的男孩。

用短语look for造句He is looking for his book.他正在找书。

look for过去式造句?I looked for you yesterday at library.我昨天在图书馆没见到你。(我昨天在图书馆找你了)She was looking for a job back

用look for造句用一般现在时,2句,Why don't you look for a new job?你为什么不找一份新的工作?I think I have to

用look for造句并加汉语意思She is looking for her English book.她正在找她的英语书.祝你开心.

look for主语三单造句He looks for the lonely, the lost, the unloved.他找的是孤独的人、失落的人和缺少爱的人。

look for造句look for ward to 怎样造句 词组造句征集~look look for my computer怎么造句 就1小时的时间了! find

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