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tAkE out造句

take out的用法及例句4. 拿出,取出 3?The girl took it out and readtake out意为“拿出,取出”。例如:Jim took out his dictionary

take out put on怎样造句?Please take out your textbook .请拿出课本来。Put on your coat ,Li Ming ,it is cold outside .李明,穿上你的外套。

take……out of 造句I am taking the ball out of the box. 我正在把球从箱子里取出来

用take out the rabbish 造句?take out the rabbish是扔垃圾的意思。I take out the rabbish in the afternoon.我下午倒了垃圾。

关于take的所有短语,以及用法,造句take it out of sb. 使 某人虚弱, 使某人精疲力竭 (=takeit out on sb.)找某人出气[泄愤]take me not up before I

求教, put out 和 take out 的用法与区别,最好有例句,谢谢You can use petrol to take out that stain.你可以用汽油去掉那个污渍。to take out ink stains 洗掉墨水印 4. 消除,消灭;

怎么用take out造句?简单一点的.take out的意思不止一个,因此例句也有不少:① 取出 (to extract; remove)He plans to

take outtake out1.拿出,取出,拔出:例句:He opened his schoolbag and took out a notebook.他

take-out英语中当外卖的意思的时候怎么用?麻烦给几个名词.I'm getting take-out tonight我今天晚上买外卖.形容词:Pizza for take-out外卖的Pizza

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